Klamath-Vacations.com Shutting Down

Klamath-Vacations.com, the website, will no longer be accessible starting September 26th, 2011. This is purely an economical decision. I have enjoyed sharing with you about our adventures discovering new and exciting opportunities in this area of Northern California and Southern Oregon. I will miss the website! Some of the highlights of this website have been -- having the Ella Redkey Pool page be ranked as the #1 page for Google Search, having the Klamath Midge page be ranked as the #1 page for Google Search, having almost 6000 page views in a month with a high page view day of almost 350 pages in a day, and receiving enough Google ad clicks to receive a check.
If you have contributed to this website in any way I give to you a big thank you! I especially thank my wife for assisting me on this venture. She provided much of the look and feel and provided technical oversight as well as editing and correcting any grammatical errors.
This area around Klamath Falls, Oregon, is a beautiful place no matter what the season. There is something to do year round and like I've said before - it's a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered!

For Klamath-Vacations.com,
Dan Capehart

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