A Klamath Travel Guide
To A Klamath Vacation

This Klamath travel guide will help you decide which route to take to a Klamath Vacation. There is no best way to travel here just as long as you get here. Klamath Falls is about 5 hours from Portland, Oregon, 5 hours from Sacramento, California, and 5 hours from Reno, Nevada. If I had to pick the best way to get here, it would be by road. There is so much to do here and so much to see you will need your own transportation once you do get here.

A favorite way for Klamath travel is through the Klamath Falls Airport. United Express operating through Sky West is the only airline. There are four arriving flights per day and four departing flights per day connecting to either Portland or San Francisco. Parking at the airport is free and Wi-Fi is also available for no charge. Three rental car companies – Enterprise, Hertz, and Budget are located in the baggage claim area.

Amtrak provides service on the Coast Starlight, which runs from Seattle to Los Angeles with a stop in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The northbound train to Seattle is scheduled to arrive in Klamath Falls at 8:25 a.m. and the southbound train to California is scheduled to arrive at 10:00 p.m.

Amtrak service to Klamath Falls, Oregon, hasn’t been known for its on-time arrivals until recently. According to a December 2009 article in the Herald and News, Amtrak “was on schedule 82.2 percent of the time in the 2009 fiscal year.” In 2006 it was on-time only 3.9 percent of the time. A favorite trip by train is from Klamath Falls to Eugene and to return the next day to Klamath Falls.

From Portland, Oregon the best way to get here is to take I-5 South to Eugene, then take Highway 58 to where it meets with Highway 97 north of Chemult, and continue south until you reach Klamath Falls. This trip takes about 5 and one half hours.

From Bend, Oregon take Highway 97 south. The turnoff to the northern entrance to Crater Lake is on Highway 138. The north entrance is open from the first of July to the first of October depending on the amount of snowfall that year. This Klamath travel trip to Klamath Falls from Bend takes about 3 hours.

Highway 140 Sign

From Medford, Oregon take Highway 62 to White City. Turn right onto Highway 140. On the way you will see Mt. McLoughlin and several camping locations at Lake of the Woods, Fourmile Lake, and Rocky Point. When you reach the Running Y Ranch you are near Klamath Falls, Oregon. At the Highway 66 junction take a left and get in the right lane to connect to Highway 97 north and the City Center. This trip from Medford takes about an hour and a half.

From Sacramento, California take I-5 north to Weed and follow the signs to Highway 97 north to Klamath Falls, Oregon. There are plenty of scenic views on this Klamath Travel road with spectacular views of Mt. Shasta. Just past Dorris is the Oregon-California border and the beginning of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. Take a right at the border to see the Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge or continue north on Highway 97 to Klamath Falls. This Klamath travel trip to Klamath Falls from Sacramento takes about 5 hours.

From Reno, Nevada take Highway 395 to Susanville, California. In Susanville take Highway 139. As you near the Oregon-California border you are a short drive to the Lava Beds National Monument or the Tulelake Wildlife Refuge. Continue north on Highway 139 to Klamath Falls, Oregon. This Klamath travel trip to Klamath Falls from Reno takes a little over 5 hours.

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From Lakeview, Oregon take Highway 140 west. This Klamath travel trip to Klamath Falls, Oregon takes about an hour and a half.

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