Klamath Fishing
On A Klamath Vacation

A wide variety of Klamath fishing opportunities can be found on a Klamath vacation. This region is a fisherman’s paradise for catching Redband trout, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Lake trout, Yellow trout, or Kokanee salmon.

Fishing is not one of our family’s activities. In fact, we can count the number of times we’ve been fishing on one hand. I don't understand why someone would want to get up so early in the morning to go fishing. Who knows – maybe someday soon I’ll actually call up one of my friends and ask them to teach me the basics of fishing. Then I'll experience Klamath fishing for myself.

2011 Update - Now I know why someone would want to get up so early in the morning to go fishing - to go fishing! On July 9th I was invited by Don Lentz and his son Erik to go fishing at Diamond Lake. I met Don at his house at 5:30 a.m. and we traveled about one and a half hours to the southern entrance of Diamond Lake and launched the boat. Within 15 minutes Erik had caught the first rainbow trout. I caught the next fish and within 4 hours we had caught our limit. I ended up officially catching the largest trout at 17 inches (supposedly the largest fish got away as we were bringing it into the boat!). Every time I hooked a fish a big smile came across my face. It was a very enjoyable experience and I can't wait to go again!

Shortly after starting my current job my supervisor asked me if I was a hunter or a fisherman. I told him “No.” He said, “Good! That just leaves more for the rest of us”. Even though I don’t fish I always like to hear stories from those who do, or watch fishing shows on TV, or read stories about Klamath fishing.

One of my favorite authors – Patrick McManus – has written several books on his adventures of hunting and fishing. I never know when he tells a story if he’s stretching the truth or not. I’m not sure I want to experience the same kind of adventures he’s had.

Mike Hiatt's Prize Rainbow Trout

Let me introduce you to one of my coworkers – Mike Hiatt. He is an avid fisherman and has had many Klamath fishing adventures. Mike caught this Rainbow trout on September 27, 2006 on a 4 lb. test line with a worm as bait. It weighed 15 pounds and was almost 33 inches long. He caught the fish on the dock at the Rocky Point Resort. He said he saw the fish from a distance and it kept getting closer and closer. When he cast his line he couldn’t believe that this was the fish he snagged.

I asked Mike when he thought it was the best time to fish on Upper Klamath Lake. He said the spring and fall are the best, and that the summer time is not very good. In the summer the lake produces algae and when it blooms it creates oxygen, but at night it produces carbon monoxide, which is deadly for the fish.

Mike also said the best place to fish on a Klamath fishing vacation is at Eagle Ridge on Upper Klamath Lake, on Agency Lake, and at the mouth of the Williamson River. Other places to fish include Lake of the Woods, Fourmile Lake, and Miller Lake.

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Upper Klamath Lake is a good location to catch Redband Trout. They spend their winters in Lake Ewauna (south of the lake) and in March and April they move up the Link River into Pelican Bay (northwest section of the lake).

April and May is a good time to fish for trout in the Ball Bay and Shoal Water Bay area. In the spring the fish move into Harriman Creek, Crystal Creek, and Recreation Creek to spawn. After they leave their spawning areas they return to Pelican Bay. The bay has natural springs and the cooler water makes a good location for them in the summer.

In the fall around late September and October after the first rains come into Upper Klamath Lake from Crystal Creek, Recreation Creek, and Odessa Creek the fish are ready to feed and return to Lake Ewauna. And in the Spring the cycle starts all over again.

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