Klamath Falls Vacations
(A Southern Oregon Vacation)

If you love the outdoors, the list of Klamath Falls vacations are almost endless ...

When we first moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon, we didn't know much about all the great vacation opportunities that are in this area. Now that we have lived here for many years we have made several discoveries and want to share them with you - our Klamath Falls vacations!

We are transplanted Texans. We couldn't believe our new home was in such a beautiful part of Oregon. We set out to discover the hidden treasures that surrounded us. As a result, we have been "Oregon-ized"!

With the Cascade Mountains to our west, the natural beauty of Crater Lake to our north, the Lava Beds National Monument to the south, and camping opportunities in all directions - the hardest part was deciding where to start.

So ...

We went camping.

We went on a day trip to Crater Lake National Park.

We went on a picnic and went hiking at the Umpqua River waterfalls.

We went cave exploring at the Lava Beds National Monument.

We went canoeing on many of the lakes and rivers.

We went hiking to the top of Mt. McLoughlin. (I almost didn't make it!)

Klamath Falls

In the winter we went inter-tubing down "suicide hill". We tried cross-country skiing and found out that some people are better at this sport than others.

We played golf at several of the local courses where on just about every hole you have a beautiful view of a mountain or a lake.

We also went Christmas tree hunting, went swimming in a geothermically-heated pool, and went on many walks to see the beautiful fall colors.

We often enjoy watching the variety of birds that frequent this area - a bald eagle soaring high, a flock of pelicans riding the thermals or gliding quietly just above the water, the migratory birds as they fly north and south, or watching the man-made birds (F-15s) at Kingsley Field.

And there are still more things to do that we haven't discovered ... yet!

Fall Colors

While attending a seminar a few years ago the instructor asked the class "If you could describe the perfect place to live, what would be the characteristics of that place?" The answers came quickly - "little or no traffic", "beautiful scenery", "clean air", "small population", "shopping", "things to do", "hunting and fishing", "outdoor activities", ... When the list was concluded I raised my hand and said, "I already live there!"

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We'll be adding more pages soon. We'll be filling in the details on some of the adventures we've already mentioned and telling about new ones.

So, follow us and let's get started discovering your Klamath Falls vacations ...

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